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 <code sql> <code sql>
-create view view_lens_type as select lens_type.identifier, ​ +create view view_lens_type as select lens_type.identifier,​,​,​+
         model, variation, s_min_aperture,​ s_max_aperture,​         model, variation, s_min_aperture,​ s_max_aperture,​
-        s_min_focal_length,​ s_max_focal_length,​ manufacturer.url+        s_min_focal_length,​ s_max_focal_length,​ manufacturer.url
 +        exiftool_lens_id
     from lens_type, manufacturer,​     from lens_type, manufacturer,​
          ​(select identifier as identifier, value as s_min_focal_length          ​(select identifier as identifier, value as s_min_focal_length
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