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The shop module allows Photo Organizer users to sell their photos to registered clients or other PO users.

Note: links need to be redirected to a local demo site

To set up a shop, you will have to create Shop Categories and within these categories Shop Items. For instance typical categories and items would be:

  • Rights of Use
    • To be used on a magazine front page
    • To be used for non profit purposes
  • Prints
    • 20“x24” framed
    • 25“x10” non framed

Once Shop Categories and Shop Items are defined, you will have to define your Photo Items, by defining for each photo the available Shop Items with pricing information. You can use the Shop Item Generator to automatically generate Photo Items for your folders.

Registered users will be able to select these photos (the desired Shop Item), put them in their basket and order them via the Photo Organizer Shop interface. After a client submitted an order, that will appear in Your Date Book (you will be notified via email). The software does not offer (and there are no plans to offer) any credit card transaction support, therefore payment arrangement has to be done separately.

When the user receives a new order, he/she can allow it's clients to download the master version of the original once the order is approved (shipped). The user should specify how many times and for how long will be the client allowed to download the master version. Default values are taken from the user's configuration. Once the download counter reached 0 or the download expriy period elapsed, the client will no longer be able to download the orignal, however the user can renew the client's access by incrementing the download counter or by extending the expiry period.

To ease the processing of the orders, a special client status has been introduced. The user can grant some of it's clients a “trusted” status that gives the clients immediate access to the master version of the originals upon placing an order. Trusted clients are bound by the same restrictions regarding the number of downloads.

The shop module has two limitations, the first deals with currencies. Since Photo Organizer is no currency converter tool, it will not perform any currency conversion, in case you select different currencies for your photos. Use a single currency for all of your photos. The second limitation is administrator related. For obvious reasons the owner of a photo cannot buy it's own photo. There are no controls to do this. Since the system administrator “owns” all photos in the system he/she falls in the same criteria as the ordinary photo owners. Administrators can't shop, sorry.

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