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Your settings are collected into seven data groups:

User Identification

This is the basic user information used to log you into the system. Your username is only used to log in; afterwards your full name is used.

You may also choose to hide yourself from the public user listings. If you have no publically-accessible photos, your name will be hidden even if you set this to 'yes'.

Contact Information

This data is used when you interact with other users on the system via the client mechanisms.


You can customize how your calendar should display the day view. The start and end hours are the default values, should there be an event before the start hour or after the end hour, the scale will be automatically extended.

Search Engine

With this you can select your default search engine type.

Photo Browser

Nearly all of these settings can be changed while you are browsing images, but here you can set your defaults.

Photo Upload

When uploading photos, a thubnail and a preview image is generated for each photo. While the sizes of these scaled-down versions are set by the system administrator, you can customize other aspects of the thumbnails and the preview. These controls are especially useful when uploading non-jpeg pictures that might be in non-standard color spaces or need some gamma adjustment.


You can select the paper and label type you use most often. When printing, these types will be automatically selected as default values. You can also specify the printer format.

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