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Photo Organizer was developed on Linux, but it should work on any UNIX-like platform that supports the following:

  • PHP >= 5.0.0 (with bcmath extension)
  • Web server capable of running PHP (eg Apache or lighttpd)
  • PostgreSQL, version 8.0 or newer
  • Ability to send e-mail
  • ExifTool for metadata extraction
  • ImageMagick for image manipulation
  • Lots of disk space for photographs!

Optionally, Photo Organizer can take advantage of the following tools:

  • Little CMS for color profile support.
  • dcraw for RAW image decoding.
  • UFRaw for RAW image decoding.
  • ps2pdf is necessary to enable printing to PDF format.
  • GraphicsMagick can be used instead of ImageMagick.
  • dcmtk for enhanced DICOM image support.
  • unzip and tar for creating and extracting archives.

It is theoretically possible to run Photo Organizer under Windows, but nobody has done the necessary legwork to identify and work out any kinks.

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