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   * [[album_content sql table|album_content]](photo) references identifier   * [[album_content sql table|album_content]](photo) references identifier
   * [[photo_dupe sql table|photo_dupe]](photo) references identifier   * [[photo_dupe sql table|photo_dupe]](photo) references identifier
-  * [[photo_item sql table|photo_item]](photo) references identifier+  * <del>[[photo_item sql table|photo_item]](photo) references identifier</​del>​ removed in 2.34
   * [[photo_keywords sql table|photo_keywords]](photo) references identifier   * [[photo_keywords sql table|photo_keywords]](photo) references identifier
-  * [[photo_spooler sql table|photo_spooler]](photo) references identifier+  * <del>[[photo_spooler sql table|photo_spooler]](photo) references identifier</​del>​ removed in 2.34
   * [[photo_tech sql table|photo_tech]](photo) references identifier   * [[photo_tech sql table|photo_tech]](photo) references identifier
   * [[photo_version sql table|photo_version]](photo) references identifier   * [[photo_version sql table|photo_version]](photo) references identifier
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