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While logging in isn't necessary if you only wish to browse the images that other users have made public, actually uploading your own, or taking advantage of PO's other features requires you to log in.

In order to log in you will need an account. If the PO installation allows open logins you can register yourself via the button on the login page.

After registration you can access your account using your username and password. A copy is e-mailed to you in case you forget it.

You will need to have cookies enabled in your browser.

If you check the “Log me in automatically in the future” checkbox the cookie will be set to expire 5 years after the first login. If not, the cookie will be cleared when you close your browser.

The cookie will be also cleared whenever you log out.


Each user account is identified by a unique username and password.

There are three ways to have an account created:

  1. Open-registration, via the link on the login page. This allows anyone to sign up.
  2. Administrators can register new users via the 'Accounts' menu under the 'Admin' tab of the site.
  3. Users can register new client accounts so that their clients can access their protected content.

For open registration, default account settings are found in the Configuration File. Once an account is created, the administrator can alter its type and other settings, such as quotas.

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