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The date book provides basic calendar and client management functions. The calendar allows you to schedule your activities, though the features in this regard are restricted to the management of a list of events presented in three different view (day, week, month view).

There isn't much to say about the calendar functions, I think they are pretty straightforward.


SLP: Document client workflow changes

The idea is to allow users to share certain photos with certain people only. To reduce the complexity of the problem, each user will be able to set folders, albums and photos to protected. Items having their access rights set to protected, are hidden from other users and unregistered visitors - they behave like private items. However all users and clients who subscribe to be one of your clients (and their application is accepted by you) will get access to these protected items. We will illustrate this through the example of Alice and Brian.

Brian is a stock photographer and uses PO to share his pictures with its customers, online. Alice visiting Brian's account, decides that she wants to see more of Brian's photos, so she decides to register with PO and become a client of Brian.

After registration, she visits Brian's account once more, where a “Subscribe” button appears at the bottom of each folder and album. By pressing the button, PO will launch the subscription dialog, informing her that her (otherwise confidential contact information) will be disclosed to Brian. By confirming the subscription, a new client is added to Brian's clients list. An email will notify Brian that there is a new pending client. He, after inspecting Alice's workspace decides to change her registration status from Pending to Accepted, and from this moment, Alice will become a registered client of Brian. She get's an email notification that her subscription was accepted and that she has access to Brian's Protected images, folders and albums.

Say, some of Brian's clients are not the gentile people they appeared, so Brian decides to withdraw their rights to view his protected photos. He can accomplish this by changing the user's subscription status to Disabled. Another option is to remove the clients completely from his client list, which will allow clients to re-register, while disabled clients will not be able to subscribe (as they are already subscribed but disabled).

It is a good practice to disable clients rather than removing them from the client list.

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