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Schema documentation

These pages document the database schema of Photo Organizer.

The specific pages for the database elements (tables, views, sequences, indexes and functions) will contain the history of the database all the way back to the 2.05 release of Photo Organizer.


  • Databases schema is up to date with the current 2.33c release.

To Do

  • Verify final schema with schema as reported by SQL dump of 2.34.
  • A few cross references between tables, views, sequences, indexes and functions may be missing.
  • Follow up on documentation of functions. There are some tentative descriptions that need verifying.
  • For all tables, describe their use in the source code. What are the procedures for updating and using tables?
  • All views need documentation on what they do and what their purpose is.
  • Create a coherent picture of how photos are handled. Make a link between database and the physical reality.

Retrieving the current schema of your PO installation

To get the current database schema out of PostgreSQL you can use pg_dump:

$ pg_dump --schema po_db > po.schema

A dump of po-2.33c can be found here.

Another way to inspect your PO database is by using pgAccess. → Not available for current versions of PostgreSQL it seems.






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