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 +===== Contributing =====
 +Photo Organizer is still undergoing active development. There are various ways in which you can help in this effort:
 +==== Documentation ====
 +  * When you figured out how something works which is not captured in the user documentation,​ add it to the [[user_documentation|user documentation]] wiki.
 +  * When you figured out how things are implemented,​ consider adding this information to the [[developer_documentation|developer documentation]] wiki.
 +==== Source code ====
 +  * When you notice something is broken issue a bug report in [[http://​|Flyspray]]. Please make sure to first check if there is a ticket that already describes your bug or is closely related to it. In that case, consider adding your issue as an additional note to the existing ticket in stead of just opening a new one. Swamping the developer(s) with lots of duplicate issues doesn'​t help in getting it solved quicker.
 +  * If you managed to fix a bug yourself, add the patch to the [[http://​|Flyspray]] ticket. (For creating ticket see the item above). When sending in a patch, try to use the [[http://​​development_resources|Subversion sources]].
 +==== Registration ====
 +To be able to update the Wiki or add information to Flyspray you need to [[http://​​register|create an account]] in Flyspray. With this single account you then have access to both.
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