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Bulk Update

Photo Organizer's Bulk Update feature is one of its most powerful. It allows you to change the attributes of several of your images at once, using different search criteria:

  • Per-Folder: All images in a specified folder (and optionally its subfolders), or all of your folders at once.
  • Per-Album: All images in a specified album (and optionally its subalbums).
  • Spool: All images on the temporary spool. If the spool is empty, this is not displayed.
  • Selection-based: From the photo listing/slide pages, you can select some photos and directly issue a bulk update against the selected set.

Once you have chosen the set of images you wish to update, you must then chose what fields you wish to update. Next to each field is a checkbox; enable it if you wish the specified value to be applied to the specified images.

For example:

  • Select “All Folders”
  • Check “author” checkbox, specify author of “Solomon Peachy”
  • Click Submit.

This will set the “author” field of all images to “Solomon Peachy”

The “set keywords” field will add the specified keywords to each image, while the “clear keywords” field will clear the specified keywords from each image. This way other keywords associated with each image will remain unaffected.

The bulk update feature allows you to regenerate the thumbnails and previews of your photos. This useful if you change parameters that affect preview generation, such as sharpening settings, watermarks, or image orientation or colorspace. Please note that the regeneration of your thumbnails and previews is very processor-intensive, and depending on your site settings the request may time out before it is complete.

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