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System Administration

During installation, an administrator account is created. The login name for this account is “admin”, the password is also “admin”. This account will display an extra “Admin” tab in the main menu which will bring up the system administration interface.

We highly recommend you either change the admin password or create another account and assign admin privlileges to it, then disable or disable the original admin account.

The system administration interface currently has three tabs:

  • Image Repository
  • Users & Clients
  • Front Page

Image Repository

The Photo Organizer image repository is composed of individual volumes which are automatically generated by the system, following rules set up by the system administrator.

Whenever a new photo is uploaded into the system, it will be stored in the current volume. Once the current volume reaches its specified maximum limit, a new volume is created and used for further uploads. The name of the new volume is generated by incrementing the previous volume name. For example, say your current volume is v0034. Once this volume fills up, the system will create a v0035 volume and use it as the new current volume.

The image repository manager can be also used to fill up existing volumes. For example, say you have already five volumes:


If you want to equalize them so that each volume has 650MB, all you have to do is to set the first volume v0000 as current volume and set the maximum volume size to 650MB. When the current volume (v0000) reaches the maximum limit, the system will start filling up the following volume (v0001) and so on. When all existing volumes are full new volumes will be created.

You cannot currently downsize volumes and reshape your image repository.

Note that the volume size calculation is not perfectly accurate. When uploading a new photo, the photo's thumbnail and preview is not taken into account (as these are scaled after the volume size calculation) and therefore volumes can be slightly larger than the specified maximum size.

The maximimum number of volumes and their size is limited only by available disk space, but we recommend you stick with the default volume size limit of 650MB as this makes it easy to back your volumes up onto CDs.

Users & Clients

There are four account types available:

  • Administrator - Has access to all aspects of the system, overriding all permissions.
  • User - This account can upload and manage photos, equipment profiles, and has a datebook.
  • Client - Only customized photo views and a datebook are enabled.
  • Disabled - The user can log in but the system gives no privileges beyond guest access.

An account can be converted to any other type by the administrator. An administrator can not remove or downgrade their own account, but can remove, downgrade, or disable other administrator accounts.

The following settings can be changed for each user:

User TypeClient, User, Admin, or Disabled.
Bulk UploadIf enabled, the user can upload multiple photos at once.
SharedCan this user be logged in from multiple machines simultaneously?
QuotaThe maximum number of photos and/or disk space the user is allowed to use for their photos.

Front Page

This allows the admin to modify the home page of this Photo Organizer Installation. See the front_page section for further details.

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