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Functional Improvements

  • Add per-folder/album licensing text. 31
  • Supplement folder/album Created date with Last Modified and/or Last Added To timestamps. 32
  • Allow folder and album lists to themselves be sortable 32
  • Ability to re-parse EXIF data after imports. 33
  • Offline archival facilities (ie to CD, etc) 34
  • Redesign permission model into a hierarchy, with proper user/group-based permissions. 8
  • Allow arbitary key=value metadata, and convert much of the backend to use it (eg all exif tags, for example) 10
  • Move some stuff into PHP session variables (authentication, permissions, profile data, etc) to reduce database round-trips. 35
  • Rewrite all database stuff to use lazy binding and associative arrays. 11

UI Improvements

  • Add a thumbnail to the NEXT/PREVIOUS links when viewing images. 36
  • Extend the timeline datebook to add a psuedo-album view for that day. 9
  • Better bulk update support. Make underlying code work against an arbitrary list of photos, and add “update an album” support. 5

Import improvements

  • XML file specifies import defaults. 39
  • Generate full-size JPGs from RAW images. 7
  • Specify and store RAW parameters on a per-image basis so re-generation of thumbnails/etc would match original settings. 6
  • Further EXIF parsing improvements: Metering Mode, White Balance, ISO, Flash Mode/Status, etc.. 40
  • Investigate switching to PEL for EXIF parsing. 41

Pie-in-the-sky ideas

  • Create a “bulk upload” client. 42
  • XML-RPC functionality 37
  • Extend the ordering mechanism to include ordering prints (eg via Ofoto or Shutterfly). 17
  • Jabber integration
  • RSS/Atom feeds
  • Rewrite using mod_perl. (heh heh heh)
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