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Photo Organizer Changelog

You can obtain access unreleased changes to the stable tree via git. See the Development Resources page for further details.

A demo site of the -stable code is available at:

If you'd like to see where things are going, check out the Development Plans. The bug tracker holds even more details.

2.37 (September 27, 2010)

Download 2.37 GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 29cb7712a50f2a5178203f46bb3bd42513073946)

  • [fix] Fix umask for files created by PO. [#435]
  • [fix] Treat resource passwords as passwords in the input form. [#437]

2.37-rc3 (August 5, 2010)

Download 2.37-rc3 GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 0535e683e52171ed4c33d97c12e59205b83b3b70)

  • [fix] Admin password change wasn't working properly. 429
  • [fix] “My Settings - Contact info” didn't let you set country 422
  • [fix] “My Settings - Photobrowser” page was broken. 421
  • [misc] Disable execution limits on export page.
  • [misc] Tweak sharpening defaults, and let ImageMagick choose a sane sharpening 'radius' value.
  • [misc] Make watermark settings per-size.
  • [misc] Add UI elements for tweaking all configured image sizes.
  • [fix] Better handle non-UTF8-encoded image metadata 423
  • [fix] Auto-importing embedded RAW previews as the 'master' works. 421
  • [fix] Use proper random filenames when generating “print” files. 305
  • [misc] Try to look up cameras based on serial number first.
  • [misc] Add a default author preference.
  • [misc] Only show the 'misc script' on the photo page.
  • [fix] Sort order and size request in the feed generator were broken.
  • [misc] Silence a small pile of warnings.
  • [fix] Possible infinite loop in the import code.
  • [fix] Fix memcache not being cleared when the folder/album name was changed.
  • [misc] Get rid of warning when running under php 4.3.x
  • [fix] Switch to the 'memcached' extension (instead of 'memcache')
  • [fix] Newer versions of exiftool changed tagnames slightly. 432
  • [fix] Fix duplicate IPTC location creation. 433
  • [fix] Deleteing a photo version updates the memcache properly.
  • [fix] Import/Handle non-recognized file types as additional versions.
  • [add] Support using The GIMP to import/flatten its native .xcf format.
  • [add] Support importing 7-Zip and tar.xz archives.
  • [add] Support many video formats by using 'mplayer' to generate thumbnails. 431

2.37-rc2 (October 13, 2009)

Download 2.37-rc2 GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 444a3c712ac2c2e1e53676400d32a67279407446)

  • [fix] ensure all input is escaped properly in the RSS feed generator.
  • [fix] Orientation wasn't being respected on bulk updates.
  • [fix] Typo in the advanced text search page.
  • [fix] Fix auto-registration with external authentication. 409
  • [fix] Search folder/album link was broken without pretty URLs. 409
  • [fix] Tweak the tests for the POSIX and PCNTL extensions.
  • [fix] Properly clean up temp directories on imports. 413
  • [fix] Fix a typo in the IPTC location-matching code.
  • [misc] Fix some CSS inefficiences
  • [misc] Include the sizecode in the pretty image/photo URLs.
  • [fix] Ensure all exif/iptc/xmp data imported is explicitly escaped.
  • [misc] Tweak the pretty URL stuff so that it breaks fewer search engines.
  • [fix] Spurious 'permission denied' error when changing sort order on a photo page.
  • [sql] Fix several mis-typed columns in the database.
  • [fix] Don't generate scaled versions “larger” than the original image.
  • [add] Allow admin user to change a user's password 402

2.37-rc1 (June 2, 2009)

Download 2.37-rc1 GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 444a3c712ac2c2e1e53676400d32a67279407446)

  • [misc] Upgrade the IE7 compatibility library to v2.0b3
  • [misc] Upgrade wz_tooltip library to v5.2
  • [add] Add 'bulk rotate' support. [#359] [#373]
  • [misc] Further refactor some of the import code.
  • [misc] Use SQL 'ILIKE' instead of regexp matching for search strings.
  • [add] Admin user can change a user's email address/username [#347][#196]
  • [add] Basic out-of-band logging support. [#221]
  • [add] Log all memcache operations
  • [lang] Simplify the i18n resources a bit.
  • [misc] Add generic “run a simple DB query and cache it” functions.
  • [misc] Simplify the photo/version id sanity checks.
  • [misc] theme_display_photo() doesn't take image size any more.
  • [misc] Clean up the rating code on the main photo page.
  • [misc] Move to pg_fetch_all() where possible.
  • [del] Delete all image-based searching code. Will return one day.
  • [sql] Convert all latitude/longitude fields to numeric types.
  • [sql] Delete a few unused DB views.
  • [misc] Location profile page now differentiates between photos you own and all photos in the system.
  • [misc] Have the installer test for memcache support.
  • [misc] Location add/edit now uses the fancy latitude/longitude parsing code.
  • [misc] Hide keywords/views on the photo tooltip info if it's empty.
  • [misc] Migrate more queries to take advantage of memcache.
  • [fix] Allow guests/etc to see technical image details.
  • [misc] Consolidated photo and version import into one function.
  • [misc] Added a vastly more efficient way of fetching random photos.
  • [add] Serialize out all import jobs to the database, decoupling the actual importing from the submissions. This will let us parallelize imports across multiple processors in the near future. 167
  • [add] Remember per-folder/album sort order and view type.
  • [add] List available image sizes. (will improve this later)
  • [add] Generate a full-size image from RAW imports. 7
  • [add] Initial background image import/processing worker. 167
  • [add] Pretty-URL the folder search too.
  • [misc] Vastly speed up searching for “multi-word matches”
  • [fix] Fix “”““excessive””“” quotation in tag searches.
  • [add] Generate additional preview-size images (350,700,1050)
  • [fix] Changing folder order from folder search page now works.
  • [misc] Imports are now two-phase; first the metadata is committed then the files are scaled/imported. This greatly reduces the time we hold transactions active, allowing us to parallelize imports nearly linearly.
  • [fix] When using pretty URLs, login redirections broke.
  • [fix] The resource password prompting code has been made more robust.
  • [fix] Tweak the image display code so we avoid compression.
  • [add] Add ability to generate ISO8601 dates.
  • [add] Add ability to insert RSS feeds into page headers.
  • [add] The first RSS feeds added, photo listings by user/folder/album
  • [db] Add indexes on the exposure date and version creation date columns.
  • [add] Background imports log their results for the user to examine later.
  • [misc] Display the image number in the slide tooltip.
  • [fix] Ensure any selected slides show it when the page is refreshed.
  • [fix] Fix text on subscription add page. 404
  • [fix] Bogus memcache call.
  • [fix] Syntax error when importing single images.
  • [fix] Ensure we always strip the ICM profile out of generated images.
  • [add] Re-add per-album/folder sort order
  • [fix] Better deal with failures resulting from insufficent disk space.
  • [fix] Minor formatting fixes on the folder/album listings.
  • [misc] Eliminate code duplication in the folder & album display code.
  • [add] RSS feeds for folders and albums added.
  • [add] Exporting now generates and streams archives on the fly.

2.36.1 (September 27, 2008)

Download 2.36.1 GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 4e97841655ff26a92eb2a7232ff613b5b16261a5)

  • [fix] An incorrect function name in site_display_random_photos() 374
  • [fix] Adding new label types failed.
  • [fix] Label/Film/Camera deletion wasn't working.
  • [fix] Localize an overlooked string. 375
  • [misc] Unified the permission tests in the export code.
  • [fix] Rotating images could lead to a blank page. 377
  • [fix] Two memcache-related bugs.
  • [misc] When deleting a photo, return to the folder listing. 379
  • [fix] Album/Folder thumbnails respect the global popup flag 376
  • [fix] Fix the rating code for PG 8.3.x
  • [misc] When editing a folder/album, return to where you came. 380
  • [fix] 'replace master' on version uploads was broken. 383
  • [fix] Installer suggested an improper cmdline 384
  • [fix] We weren't using the original watermark image sometimes. 388

2.36 (August 17, 2008)

Download 2.36 GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 52f98b0574b963ca62fe50d1ef7a8254562485aa)

  • [add] Allow the import 'master' prescedence to be configurable. 368
  • [fix] Fix trash emptying on postgres 8.3.x 370
  • [lang] de_DE updated.
  • [fix] A couple of run-time warnings.

2.36-rc2 (June 30, 2008)

Download 2.36-rc2 GPG Signature (SHA1SUM c75d93f0e4a46bb9b03fb4bd04c7f46e66cf3c98)

  • [fix] Account status messages weren't always including a valid 'bulk upload' status. 352
  • [fix] Editing an existing lens/flash/filter/scanner/support failed. 350
  • [fix] Minor tweak to the installer.
  • [misc] Display the serial number of equipment, as users may have multiple cameras, lenses, etc of the same type.
  • [add] Support importing XMP sidecar files. 292
  • [add] Make the metadata import order into a preference. 357
  • [fix] Don't allow duplicate keywords on import.
  • [lang] de_DE updates (Marcus Hinz)
  • [fix] XMP now imports 'Description' field as 'caption' (Marcus Hinz)
  • [fix] Admin users weren't seeing the full manufacturer, location, and label lists. 361
  • [fix] Tag cloud/search pages now respect the global 'masters_only' preference. 362
  • [fix] Error in the Italian translation 366
  • [add] Link the location string to Google Maps too 364
  • [fix] Minor fix for GraphicsMagick users 365
  • [misc] Upon successful login, jump to the 'my folders' page unless we have a better idea where to return to.
  • [add] Optionally use memcache to cache static data.
  • [fix] Fixed a suboptimal query in photo.php. Over 30x faster on my system! 298

2.36-rc1 (April 27, 2008)

Download 2.36-rc1 GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 33ad9d663eeb883fb407d42334c265ed45b8fab8)

  • [misc] Files on disk now include their version id in the filename.
  • [misc] Support a second ad script per-page, in the footer.
  • [misc] Allow for file count limits on volumes 246
  • [misc] Allow usernames to be specified instead of userids.
  • [add] Folders/Albums now have an associated 'thumbnail' image.
  • [add] Display the filename instead of 'no title'. 324
  • [add] 'Blackwater' theme, by Rickard Olsson. (with modifications) 303
  • [misc] Theme cleanups and fixes/tweaks to CSS rules.
  • [misc] Allow for a cookie path to make it easier to share installations on the same host.
  • [add] Allow user to specify default copyright/web statement. 326
  • [misc] lists of focal lengths, apertures, resolutions, etc are now configurable. 329
  • [misc] Support 'pretty URLs' for outward-facing things like images, folders, and albums. 302
  • [misc] Move folder and user searches to their own pages.
  • [fix] Many bugs relating to external authentication.
  • [add] A new auth backend, designed to tie into an external database.
  • [misc] Convert the select all/select none button into a 'toggle selection' button.
  • [add] Configurable per-user local filesystem bulk uploads. 319
  • [misc] Unify lens, filter, flash, scanner, and support equipment tables, allow for multiple of each type. 171 204 328
  • [fix] Made the XML import/export better match the DTD.
  • [misc] Removed the rather broken (and useless) XML converter.
  • [misc] Consolidated a few php files.
  • [fix] Album adding was broken. (Scott Petersen)
  • [fix] EXIF Focal Length detection was failing on some digicams. (Scott Petersen)
  • [misc] Revamp the keyword set/clear form elements.
  • [fix] Errors in the admin user mangling pages.
  • [misc] Unify all photo removal code. Make user removals two-phase.
  • [fix] External DB auth was getting an extra space.
  • [misc] Ensure all forms are submitted using UTF-8 encoding.
  • [add] Datebook events now have an associated location. 317
  • [fix] Photo rotation was broken.
  • [add] Allow the RAW preview image to beimproted as the master. 336
  • [fix] Lower set of navigation buttons wasn't working on advanced search page. 339
  • [fix] Selection toggle isn't working on search result pages 338
  • [fix] Album deletion was returning to the wrong page at times.
  • [misc] Allow guests to view technical details of an image, but not the full exif dumps.
  • [misc] Remove the 'front page editor' as it's a security hole. If the admin user doesn't have write permissions to the PO filesystem, they shouldn't be allowed to modify the start page.
  • [fix] Add a warning for users that have the FunWebProducts toolbar installed, as it sends bogus requests to the PO server.
  • [fix] Improper retorting of the photos in trash.
  • [add] Display keywords in the tooltips. 340
  • [add] Display link to Google Maps for all geolocation tags. 337
  • [fix] Advanced search on location was broken.
  • [add] Added a crude LDAP authentication backend. It'll need customization before it's usable. 331
  • [fix] IPTC import code was ignoring 'sub-location' field. 348
  • [add] Added a tag cloud, and easy browsing by tag/keyword. 133

2.35b (April 26, 2008)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM c8bb018674fd14cc6312978eed07f432582a617f)

  • [fix] Photo rotation was broken.
  • [fix] Lower set of navigation buttons wasn't working on advanced search page. 339
  • [fix] SelectAll/None button wasn't working on search results. 338
  • [fix] Backport fix for date parsing problem on event add page. 343
  • [fix] Fix metadata xfer on bulk update regeneration 342
  • [fix] Add a warning for users that have the FunWebProducts toolbar installed, as it sends bogus requests to the PO server.
  • [fix] Fix mis-reporting of photos in trash.
  • [fix] IPTC import code was ignoring 'sub-location' field. 348

2.35a (February 20, 2008)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM bdece1629ce85cc82ffde324db88eae29db45ec9)

  • [fix] The target folder of an import was double-listed.
  • [fix] Fix several bugs relating to version manipulations. 321
  • [fix] 'Install/Upgrade' button in the installer now looks like a button.
  • [fix] Misc HTML Validation errors.
  • [fix] Displayed date when viewing a date range's photos was sometimes incorrect.
  • [fix] Theme logo was hardcoded.
  • [fix] Location was being clobbered on imports.
  • [fix] Transfer Metadata was failing on RAW files. 322
  • [fix] Photo rating forms were failing due to a quoting error.
  • [fix] non-numeric ISO values (eg 'Hi 3200') were failing. 330

2.35 (Feburary 5, 2008)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 9cf7203704277094de4103531ae3cc281d180176)

  • [fix] Changing sort order on the folder/album search page was broken.

2.35-rc3 (January 27, 2008)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM b790032699a42ed0e10a0262bd50c9cb8c6878cc)

  • [fix] Users can add other users' images to their albums, if the permissions allow for it.
  • [misc] Update the import/export XML DTD url to point to a current copy on the current PO web site.
  • [fix] Installer now tests for the 'xml' extension and refuses to proceed if it's not installed.
  • [fix] Bulk update + regenerate and Photo re-orientations were failing.
  • [misc] Consolidate all image regeneration code.
  • [fix] Metadata transfer was failing.
  • [fix] Filenames with quotes were failing to import properly.
  • [fix] Reworked parts of the UI so that clients can more easily figure out what they have access to see.
  • [fix] SQL permission tests were wrong for protected images. Now they act as advertised.
  • [misc] Eliminated a useless database column.
  • [add] Albums can now be created with the contents of the spool.

2.35-rc2 (January 12, 2008)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM ae6bcdf15110ff7dd6c31731950af5a293ec8bd7)

  • [fix] Searches now use all specified words (not just the first), and respect the NOT operator.
  • [add] Random sort order.
  • [misc] Consolidate all 'generate a list of photos' SQL into one place.
  • [fix] Properly escape the filename passed to exiftool. (Jeff Bearer)
  • [fix] Searches were misbehaving when browsing past the first page of results.
  • [lang] de_DE at 100% coverage (Gerd Schreiter)
  • [add] Display the film size on the pulldown in the photo add/edit pages.
  • [misc] Reformat the add album/folder pages.

2.35-rc1 (December 27, 2007)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 8c3257f375fcaec9ff71d022aa84d5aafe826534)

As this is the initial release candidate, the -stable site has not been migrated over. Until this happens, the -devel site will be running this code. Please see:

  • [lang] Italian translation (Guido Piazzi)
  • [lang] Fixed typos in the English translation (Guido Piazzi)
  • [misc] Database cleanup and consolidation
  • [add] Additional bitdepths and scanner resolutions.
  • [add] Folder/Album listings are fully sortable.
  • [add] Support exporting to .zip files.
  • [add] Support for ufraw/dcraw's wavelet denoiser.
  • [add] Handle very large folders sanely in the navigator.
  • [add] Store passwords in a hashed (md5+salt) format.
  • [add] Registration is now a two-step process; Login information is mailed upon signup instead of automatically logging you in.
  • [add] Support pluggable and external authentication mechanisms.
  • [add] Default image permissions are now configurable.
  • [add] Allow easy overriding of the php session handler.
  • [add] Advanced search now supports date ranges, and searches can exclude non-master images.
  • [add] Version edits/adds can now optionally replace master images linked in other albums.
  • [misc] Consolidated several groups of related files to eliminate duplicate code.
  • [misc] Sped up exports by at least an order of magnitude.
  • [add] Added DB fields to track backup status of image files.
  • [add] Show what albums a given album is linked into.
  • [add] Installer has been reworked a bit, to simplify new installations. Support for upgrading very old versions (<2.29) has been removed.
  • [add] Allow datebook events to span multiple days.
  • [add] Add workaround for images with corrupted GPS tags.
  • [fix] Fix a regexp error that caused errors when importing cameras like 'Pentax *ist'.
  • [misc] Allow ads to be controlled on a per-user basis.

2.34c (November 30, 2007)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 28df3a39e0cfbfe729420ba5fe15ea7ef52fd5b1)

  • [fix] The repository volume size test was failing, causing volumes to grow without bound. (The underlying bug is related to a separate DB insert, and will be fixed in 2.35)
  • [fix] Event deletion was broken.
  • [fix] Installation error affecting PostgreSQL 8.0. 311

2.34b (November 23, 2007)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 03064fc86706781e679a52633c31cbebd3d63a16)

  • [fix] Typo in one of the theme files dealing with image borders.
  • [fix] Export code had the 'allow access to original' test flipped.
  • [fix] Clarified some of the error messages in the installer.
  • [fix] Fix the folder/album count on the admin's user delete page.
  • [fix] Deleting users with supports was failing.
  • [fix] Fix a sql bug that broke upgrades if you had multiple photo dupes in your installation.
  • [fix] Regenerating thumbnails on a bulk update had a bug where metadata sometimes failed to copy properly.
  • [fix] Bulk update failed to properly notify the user when an invalid update type was selected, and also had no sane default which some browsers didn't handle well.
  • [fix] Ensure we pass absolute paths around wherever possible.
  • [fix] Better handle navigation through albums.
  • [fix] Under some circumstances removing photos from albums was failing.

2.34a (October 1, 2007)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM f56b0f8f63bd7b19494a2c5c3ee13cd22d2eedb8)

  • [fix] Bug preventing the installer from running on some targets.

2.34 (September 20, 2007)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 03064fc86706781e679a52633c31cbebd3d63a16)

  • [fix] Quoting problems with folder passwords.
  • [fix] UI regression on registration page.
  • [fix] REALLY fix the bug in count_photos_by_album() function; if you are upgrading from 2.34-rc1/-rc2/-rc3, you'll need to manually apply the commands in src/sql/PENDING, or wait until 2.35.
  • [fix] Minor string errors. 282
  • [fix] Settings page wasn't storing the 'preview_copy_metadata' setting.
  • [fix] Vastly improve the efficiency of the code that computes and checks volume sizes. 271
  • [fix] Bulk update page wasn't properly detecting source of the request. 284
  • [fix] When the admin registered a user the redirection was incorrect. 286
  • [fix] Minor tooltip formatting error.
  • [fix] Admin page wasn't showing the bulk upload preference properly. 287
  • [fix] More errors caused by i18n numeric formatting in incorrect places. 288
  • [fix] Exposure/flash compensation wasn't parsing fractional values properly. 289
  • [fix] 'ISO' setting was never being recorder/displayed.
  • [fix] Image count wasn't showing up properly on folder/album delete pages.
  • [fix] 'Expires' header for images wasn't being generated properly.
  • [fix] 'forgot password' page wasn't working.
  • [fix] PHP's 'symlink' function is inconsistent, breaking volume management. 290
  • [lang] More i18n fixes 265 288
  • [lang] Dutch translation updated.

2.34-rc4 (August 20, 2007)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 247c6a6a1fda3fa9d2566e2e7d0477981c78b843)

  • [fix] ufraw decode helper wasn't respecting user settings. 241
  • [add] Support ICC profiles when using ufraw. (Robert Hendrickx) 243
  • [fix] Bulk update/Delete Keywords was failing under some circumstances. 248
  • [fix] Incorrect folder link on the 'add photos' page. (Robert Hendrickx) 249
  • [fix] Printouts were failing due to ambiguious SQL. 250
  • [fix] Fix some UI regressions on the printing pages.
  • [fix] Force US locale when printing to ensure correct postscript generation. 251
  • [fix] Several errors relating to custom profile entries. 255
  • [fix] Silenced many warnings.
  • [fix] Pop-up calendar wasn't displaying properly. 256
  • [add] Allow user to clear a date. 232
  • [fix] Action buttons weren't showing up on the search pages under the list view. 261
  • [fix] Error in the count_photos_by_album() function, causing the photo count in albums to be incorrect. Requires a manual DB update if you're upgrading from 2.34-rc1/2/3; see src/sql/PENDING
  • [add] jpgfromraw is now configurable instead of always being enabled. 259
  • [fix] Some preferences weren't saving properly.
  • [fix] Camera detection from XMP data was broken.
  • [fix] User listing on search page respects 'hide user' preference, and defaults to the logged-in user. 267 269
  • [fix] Tooltips in list view were broken.
  • [fix] A couple of date bugs on the admin user pages.
  • [fix] The 2.33→2.34 repository upgrade code was breaking when it couldn't figure out the image dimensions, plus we should ignore .xmp files for now.
  • [fix] Fix mis-displayed dates on the profile edit pages.
  • [fix] next/prev buttons were failing under some circumstances. 274
  • [fix] Some Minolta-generated images were failing to import. ][pobug>281]]
  • [misc] Applied a few patches to jscalendar
  • [misc] Manufacturer links open in a new window. 268
  • [misc] Installer now reports more verbose errors when migration fails.
  • [misc] Ensure all auto-refresh selectboxes work with no javascript.
  • [lang] More i18n fixes 265 275
  • [lang] German translation updated. 252 253 257 258 265
  • [lang] Fixed generation of locale-dependent dates. 265

2.34-rc3 (August 11, 2007)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 93e1b0cb437804dca7a184c8c816d36479519dc6)

  • [fix] Photo edit page had a fixed, English title.
  • [fix] A couple of typos on the album display page.
  • [fix] site_display_random_photos() was still broken for album views. 229
  • [fix] Admin users had problems emptying other users' trash.
  • [fix] Work around Nikon NEFs that have slightly bogus metadata. 228
  • [fix] Eliminate a warning when no keywords were specified on an import.
  • [fix] Due to an include order error, graphical UI elements weren't getting translated properly. 230
  • [fix] Script errors involving watermarking.
  • [fix] Bulk update on ALL images was failing to regenerate thumbnails.
  • [fix] Emptying the trash and deleting photos as the admin user broke under some circumstances.
  • [fix] Sort order, and images per page are respeced on the settings page.
  • [fix] Admin users couldn't empty the trash properly.
  • [fix] Exclude 'spool' and 'trash' from lists where appropriate, and prevent users from creating new folders/albums with those names.
  • [add] Exclusively use ExifTool to extract IPTC/XMP metadata. 181 182
  • [fix] When logging in with a non-default language, the first page displayed was in the default language.
  • [fix] Client removal page was broken for non-admins.
  • [fix] Tweak CSS rules to fix some formatting glitches. 233
  • [fix] Rearranged the config file a little bit.
  • [fix] Emptying trash when watermarking enabled now works. 240
  • [fix] Install script was incorrectly migrating old watermark preferences.
  • [fix] When no exposure date is associated with an image, an invalid date entry is generated in its exported XML data.
  • [fix] Removing a user from the admin interface did not work.
  • [fix] 'Bulk Update Enabled' preference was mistyped in some places.
  • [lang] Several missing i18n entries.
  • [lang] Auto-refresh the login page when a different language is chosen.
  • [lang] German translation updated.

2.34-rc2 (August 5, 2007)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 5dca844db68ede8ff4f4c86f64d53fe444d1d783)

  • [fix] Folder name not showing up in info bar on photo add page.
  • [fix] Broken URL and other mistakes on copyright page.
  • [fix] site_display_random_photos() and site_display_photo() functions were broken. 227
  • [fix] When asked to not display photo frames, don't set the CSS image class for framed images.
  • [fix] Display the username on the settings page.
  • [fix] Export page shouldn't be buffered/compressed.
  • [fix] 'select all' on photo listing page now works properly.
  • [fix] Blank page when rotating photos.
  • [fix] Properly restore the error reporting levels.
  • [fix] Fix the periodic preference refresh. This also fixes the bug where changing the photos-per-page wasn't working for signed-in users.
  • [fix] Allow a bulk update to proceed if the only option checked was to regenerate thumbs/images.
  • [fix] Graphical select buttons and checkboxes were misbehaving.
  • [fix] Minor formatting tweaks to ease validation.

2.34-rc1 (August 2, 2007)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 9100055ec1d5d0aa98d95c36e065a912498d253a)

  • License changed to GPLv3
  • Requires PHP >= 5.0 and PostgreSQL >= 8.0
  • Vastly improved the themability of the UI. 38 Converted the site layout to use pure CSS, greatly simplifying the generated HTML. 14
  • Support multiple languages. German, French, and Dutch translations are available. 2
  • All internal data is now UTF-8 and is served to the user as such.
  • Switch to PHP's built-in session management, and take advantage of per-session storage. This opens up many, many possibilities 111
  • Rewrote new user preference backend based around a simple key=value paradigm. In the process, all user preference code was refactored to eliminate many, many database transactions, resulting in much simpler code everywhere else. 10
  • The spool has been revamped, making it into a sort of temporary clipboard. It's much simpler to use and considerably more useful now. Exports, Printing, and bulk updates can work against this improved spool. 13
  • Error reporting centralized and cleaned up. 115 110
  • ExifTool is now required, and is used for all image metadata extraction (XMP/IPTC/EXIF)
  • Shopping infrastructure removed, replaced with a simple per-image URL to an external store. 183 192
  • Sidebar search page removed; it was only semi-working and basically needs a re-think.
  • Individual 'versions' of images can now be added to albums, rated, etc. 172.
  • The backend now supports an unlimited number of image sizes, though the UI does not. 7
  • All image modifications are now properly transactioned. Before it was possible for a transform to fail leaving a corrupted image on disk. 188
  • Consolidated most permission checks into the database via stored procedures. 8
  • Datebook events can be associated with clients, and folders/albums can be associated with events. It is now possible to selectively grant access to individual folders/albums to individual users! 217
  • Users can now spool/export any image on the system, permissions notwithstanding. 120
  • Internal handling of image selection/checkboxes improved considerably. 24
  • Sort order, photos per page, and view type are now dynamic, and registered users can set defaults. 3
  • GPS Tag support. 101
  • Support GraphicsMagick for image resizing and processing. 168
  • Support password protected folders & albums. 147
  • Albums/Folders/Photos now keep track of when they were last modified. 32
  • Bulk update can work directly against arbitrary photo selections, including directly from photo listing pages. 102
  • Bulk update now recursively handles subfolders/subalbums. 138
  • Support the ufraw RAW decoder. 22
  • Keep track of when an image was added to the system. Use this to speed up a lot of SQL. 174
  • Display the number of photos taken on the datebook week/month/go-to views. 30
  • Display the number of photos per location/camera/lens/etc on the profile pages. 85
  • Combined all folder and album actions into a pair of “album actions” and “folder actions” dialogs. 134
  • Added an explicit 'delete' button to folder/album/photo pages. 157
  • Support keyboard navigation for common tasks. 177
  • Automatically detect lens used based on EXIF data. 126
  • Added an option to ignore the 'UserComment' field on specific cameras. 197
  • Automatically copy image metadata to the preview images. 163
  • User can now specify the default thumbnail/preview image format.
  • Allow users to hide themselves on the public user listings. 170
  • Much better support for DICOM (.dcm) images. 208
  • Allow guests read-only access the 'version' tab on the photo page.
  • Users can instantly mark other users as their client. 218
  • Per-image comments that are independent of the title/caption fields.
  • Keep track of watermark images. 160
  • RAW images with embedded preview JPEGs will have them automatically imported as an additional version. 224
  • Updated the tooltip library.
  • Users can create new accounts for their clients.
  • Many, many minor tweaks and fixes.

Older Releases

Please see the Old Changelog page.

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