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Development Plans

If you wish to request a new feature, please add it to the bug tracker. If there is a feature listed here with an accompanying bug number, please add your vote of support so it may get done sooner. Or better yet, undertake it yourself. :)

If you really want a certain feature implemented, you may need to scratch our back a bit to bump it higher on the priority list..

Features already present in the development tree

These features currently exist only in the development tree. As they are backported, they will disappear from this list and appear on the Stable Changelog page, where they will accumulate until the next release. If there is something you wish to get backported sooner rather than later, leave comments in the appropriate bug ticket or on the mailing list.

A demo site running the latest -devel code can be found at This is not considered stable enough for production, and as such may have unknown bugs and incomplete features. That said, the maintainer runs his personal site ( on the same code, so problems tend to get sorted out quickly.

  • [misc] Get rid of “IE7” compatibility library.
  • [themes] Use CSS3 to style radio buttons and checkboxes
  • [themes] Use CSS3 drop-shadows for images.
  • [themes] Use CSS styling for menus instead of the graphics hack.
  • [themes] Convert the action buttons to using spans instead of tables.
  • [misc] Update to tagcloud v3
  • [themes] Use CSS3 to style slide selection
  • [misc] Better memcache logging
  • [misc] Fix some PHP 5.4-related bugs
  • [misc] Added systemd unit file for background workers
  • [fix] Newer versions of memcached had issues with our code
  • [fix] Script errors when adding/editing equipment
  • [fix] Fix a couple of straggling warnings.
  • [misc] Add a script to verify repository checksums
  • [fix] Bulk update was broken due to earlier theme changes.
  • [fix] Fix URL on the profile location pages.
  • [misc] Installer now checks for the 'mbstring' extension.
  • [add] Added support for JPEG-XR, WebP, and MJPEG/MJPEG-2000 formats.
  • [add] Beginnings of a JSON-RPC implementation
  • [add] Remove some of the roadblocks from serving non-JPEG images.
  • [misc] Fix handling of if-modified-since header when serving images
  • [misc] Use the database's stored file size and timestamps
  • [misc] Use '©' instead of '©' for default copyright stuff
  • [misc] Early support for using darktable to import RAWs
  • [misc] Allow photo worker to recover from a failed database connection
  • [fix] Errors upon emptying the trash weren't displayed properly
  • [fix] Unescaped search strings could lead to XSS bugs.
  • [add] Ability to natively print images to any CUPS-accessible printer queue, including ICC correction, custom size/sharpening, and passing arbitrary options.
  • [fix] Fix detection of PHP's 'mbstring' extension
  • [misc] Eliminate the entire notion of 'duplicates'
  • [misc] Eliminate label printing
  • [misc] Don't display the 'spool' on the main page
  • [fix] Fix some PHP7-related warnings
  • [fix] Fix XSS issue on the login page
  • [misc] Eliminate the 'film_iso' relation due to incomplete data.
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