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Photo Organizer Features

The in-development code tends to have additional features not listed here. Please see the Development Plans for further details.

As this site is still a work-in-progress, please see Balint Kis's original Photo Organizer site at:

Original Use Cases

Photo Management

Naturally, Photo Organizer's main feature is photo management.

Each image you upload can be tagged with detailed metadata – Captions, keywords, locations, timestamps, equipment you used and its settings, and more. You can upload multiple versions of the same photograph, perhaps with different processing options. Photos are organized in hierarchical folders, but can also be added into multiple albums, which are a sort of virtual folder, with permission control so that unauthorized users can't access images they shouldn't.

Photo Organizer supports the notion of photo lifecycles; images can be submitted to clients, and PO keeps track of physical image location and duplication for users that work with physical assets, such as slides or proofs sent to clients.

Image files are stored in an image repository with an automatic volume manager which emables splitting up large repositories into smaller chunks that are more easily managed and backed up. Robust bulk upload features allow you to import hundreds, if not thousands of images in one go, complete with per-image metadata in XMP, IPTC, EXIF, and XML formats. Shooting data converters from NKN, TXT and SDF into XML provides compatibility with your exisiting database.

Thanks to Dave Coffin's RAW image decoder Photo Organizer supports most RAW digital camera formats, enabling users to store original RAW files in the system's database. Photo Organizer is also fully colorspace-aware, and can work with embedded ICC profiles to ensure that preview images are properly corrected.

Photo Organizer also has robust search and bulk update capabilities, making it a snap to tag multiple images at once with only the fields you want to change, or just find that one image that you took a couple of years ago of a particular belly dancer.

Finally, Photo Organizer is built to scale. The author's personal site has over 22,000 images over nearly 500 folders as of this writing. As Photo Organizer makes full use of a relational database for metadata storage, your only real limitation is disk space.

Client Management, Shop Module and Date book

The system has Client Management interface with online client registration. Photos can be shared with Clients and non registered visitors. Access rights on Folder, Album or Photo level provides control over the visibility of each photo. Clients will be able to access protected photos, not visible for non registered visitors.

  • Online shop with order management and history.
  • Online client registration.
  • Clients registered with you can access your protected photos.
  • Define formats and availability for each photo.
  • Submit photos to Clients and track submissions.


Printing is one of the key features of Photo Organizer. You can create color brochures, including your photos in PDF and PS formats. Additionally you can print labels containing the shooting data and the bar coded photo identifier, which enables mass processing, easy data input and quick search of your photos. All this online from your browser.

  • Print photo brochures in PDF and PS formats.
  • Print labels with shooting data in PDF and PS formats.
  • Over 130 predefined label types and 54 paper sizes, with the possibility to add your own custom labels.

A simple but powerful search engine is built into Photo Organizer. Supports basic logic operators (AND, OR and NOT) and allows the query of photos, folders and albums or users. It also implements stemming, to include related variations of your keywords.

  • Search and display results on three categories: photo, folder and user
  • The search engine uses stemming to include related variations of your keywords. Stemming works for English only.
  • Logic operators allow you to formulate sophisticated search queries.
  • Photo search results can be saved into albums, exported, and printed.

Additional Features

Is there something missing you'd like to see? Contact the developers or add your feature request to the online bug tracker.

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