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Feburary 15, 2007 Photo Organizer 2.33c released

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM c9dd888aa0f0dd1e383df68ec9dc1e2576609717)

This fixes a bug when deleting images with keywords. See the changelog for further details.

January 21, 2007 Photo Organizer 2.33b released

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM aa61f9af71705a33b77c07e734f2e1ec17fc9d14)

This fixes several minor bugs. See the changelog for further details.

December 20, 2006 Photo Organizer 2.33a released

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 06620b911e8bd748aace3cb6435f4834e1eb0e10)

This fixes several minor bugs that were discovered after the release, including one that prevented images without EXIF data from being imported. See the changelog for further details.

December 11, 2006 Photo Organizer 2.33 released

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 699020356ec2255d84958eccde085aab1dbc8e03)

A small pile of minor features were added, but most noteworthy is the ability for bulk updates to set/clear keywords independently. Most of the changes were internal but functionally-neutral, paving the way for major changes planned for the next release.

Additionally, this release closes two classes of security errors:

  • We weren't checking user permissions on many, many requests, so specially-crafted URLs could allow information disclosure or at worst, deletion of images.
  • We were vulnerable to SQL injection attacks on numeric data types. The implemented solution is less-than-ideal, but we will be moving to a proper database framework in a future release.

See the Stable Changelog for release notes.

October 17, 2006 Photo Organizer 2.32b Released

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 33132c4d401378874d68f64aa0fd208ee24be97f)

This pointfix is for a critical installer bug affecting new installations only; the image repository was being created incorrectly. 106

October 12, 2006 Photo Organizer 2.32a Released

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM e9ed9590e7b1328835d3521cb9f92999fe051b52)

This pointfix release fixes an error in the installation that affects new installations using PostgreSQL 8.1.

September 25, 2006 Photo Organizer 2.32 Released

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM bf4f8249bf8a07738babd1c1a554810168b55c8d)

The biggest feature is a new, rewritten installer that makes getting PO up and running a lot simpler. Aside from that, PO now supports the use of ExifTool for EXIF parsing, and features a vastly improved bulk update tool. See the Stable Changelog for release notes.

Now that this release is out, it's time to figure out what should go into the next -stable release. Suggestions welcome.

September 6, 2006 Workaround for buggy installer

Due to a terminal set of bugs in the installer, the generated configuration file is missing many necessary configuration keys. The simplest way around this is to copy the original src/include/config.php over the installed one, and manually edit the settings to reflect your site configuration. This problem is completely resolved in the upcoming 2.32 release.

September 4, 2006 Photo Organizer 2.31b Released

PO 2.31b contains a small pile of feature enhancements, including the oft-requested hierarchical bulk import of a folder tree, significant speedups when searching, as well as the usual pile of bugfixes. See the Stable Changelog for release notes.

Note that the 2.31 release had a critical bug in the EXIF code which was fixed in v2.31a

Note that the 2.31a release had bug in the installer, fixed in 2.31b

August 4, 2006 New Installer

One of the biggest problems with PO was that its installer was quite clunky and fairly brittle. The next release of PO will include a new, native-php installer that will greatly simplify installation, as well as upgrading an existing installation.

The new installer is almost complete, and is at a point where more extensive testing is necessary.

June 3, 2006 Photo Organizer 2.30 Released

The first release under new maintainership, v2.30 consists primarily of bugfixes, but with a few enhancements thrown in for good measure. See the Stable Changelog for release notes.

June 1, 2006 New Demo Site

There's finally a new demo site of the -stable code tree. It allows open registration, so feel free to create an account and see what Photo Organizer can do for you. Unfortunately, bandwidth (and disk space) is fairly limited, as it's running out of my living room.

As this site tracks the -stable tree, there will be features and bugfixes not present in the previous snapshot release, so if you think you have come across a bug, recreating it on this site will be a useful debugging aid.

May 11, 2006 Photo Organizer under new maintainership!

Due to time constraints, Balint Kis has passed the reigns of maintainership to Solomon Peachy. With the new maintainership comes a new web site, with an attempt to create a bit more visibility into the goings-on of Photo Organizer. The old site will remain up for the forseeable future, but will not be updated.

A new release (see Stable Changelog) is coming RealSoonNow™, primarily intended to fix known bugs. Once this release goes out the door, we will begin backporting features from the Development Tree.

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