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Older News

June 3, 2006 Photo Organizer 2.30 Released

The first release under new maintainership, v2.30 consists primarily of bugfixes, but with a few enhancements thrown in for good measure. See the Stable Changelog for release notes.

June 1, 2006 New Demo Site

There's finally a new demo site of the -stable code tree. It allows open registration, so feel free to create an account and see what Photo Organizer can do for you. Unfortunately, bandwidth (and disk space) is fairly limited, as it's running out of my living room.

As this site tracks the -stable tree, there will be features and bugfixes not present in the previous snapshot release, so if you think you have come across a bug, recreating it on this site will be a useful debugging aid.

May 11, 2006 Photo Organizer under new maintainership!

Due to time constraints, Balint Kis has passed the reigns of maintainership to Solomon Peachy. With the new maintainership comes a new web site, with an attempt to create a bit more visibility into the goings-on of Photo Organizer. The old site will remain up for the forseeable future, but will not be updated.

A new release (see Stable Changelog) is coming RealSoonNow™, primarily intended to fix known bugs. Once this release goes out the door, we will begin backporting features from the Development Tree.

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