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2.33e (August 11, 2007)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM a954e01aacff12a1732e44c230c522bfb04045e3)

Note that this will be the final release of the old -stable codebase.

Source code to the old_stable tree is available via subversion at:

svn://, or via a web interface.

A demo site of this old codebase is available at:

  • [fix] Default image orientation value was bogus, so if we failed to properly parse the image metadata, we broke.
  • [fix] File permissions on the EXIFER decoder files.
  • [fix] Use long php header on the EXIFER decoder files.
  • [fix] Ambiguious SQL the IPTC/XMP location header import code.
  • [fix] Unknown IPTC locations were failing import.
  • [fix] Removing a user (via the admin interface) was broken when they had keywords on their photos.

2.33d (May 1, 2007)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 4ea67736d6b79ec3ed4cacd4b783737bf799b245)

  • [add] Code to support serving banner ads.
  • [fix] If an image isn't readable, don't try to import it.
  • [fix] The 'category' field wasn't being saved when editing photos.
  • [fix] When exporting, we were discarding additional versions of the first image.
  • [fix] Regular users were unable to delete folders.

2.33c (February 15, 2007)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM c9dd888aa0f0dd1e383df68ec9dc1e2576609717)

  • [fix] A couple of typos in the installer.
  • [fix] Emptying the trash failed if it held an image with keywords. Really fix it this time. 164

2.33b (January 21, 2007)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM aa61f9af71705a33b77c07e734f2e1ec17fc9d14)

  • [fix] Searches with ANDs were failing with the new keyword tables. 158
  • [add] Detect many more RAW formats, including DNG.
  • [fix] getallheaders() is apache-specific; don't use it. 161
  • [fix] Deleting a photo version failed due to ambiguious SQL code.
  • [fix] Emptying the trash failed if it held an image with keywords.
  • [fix] Don't display a “permission denied” error when trying to remove images from an album.
  • [fix] Lens and generic profile edit pages not working for non-admins due to a typo in the SQL code.

2.33a (December 20, 2006)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 06620b911e8bd748aace3cb6435f4834e1eb0e10)

  • [fix] Fix incorrect path display on the album edit page.
  • [fix] Fix 'my folders' not being highlighted. (From Andy Shellam)
  • [fix] Wrong image displayed for 'next photo' link.
  • [fix] Fix import of images without EXIF data.
  • [fix] Label edit page broken.

2.33 (December 11, 2006)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 699020356ec2255d84958eccde085aab1dbc8e03)

  • [fix] SQL error when viewing user page anonymously. 153
  • [fix] SQL error on the image display page that prevented stats updates. 154

2.33-rc4 (December 4, 2006)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 5c3a7e9fae7caa17d52b32bb16580cbae04a1bad)

  • [security] Don't display a user's existing password on the “update password” form.
  • [fix] Error when creating a top-level folder or album when you aren't an admin. 150
  • [fix] Error when moving a photo into a folder when you weren't an admin. 150
  • [fix] Increment 'views' counter on the image.display page, not the photo info page. Only count the full and preview images.
  • [fix] Allow colorspace to be modified on a per-image-version basis. 132
  • [fix] HTML Error on the photo listing display.
  • [fix] Cancel buttons on folder & album edit pages weren't returning to the correct place.
  • [fix] Photo edit page wasn't setting keywords properly. 145
  • [fix] Random photo function not working due to SQL error. 144
  • [misc] Never use compressed output on the bulk upload or photo add pages, as it can take a long time before you see output.

2.33-rc3 (November 27, 2006)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 64943c92d6fdab97ff53ae952fbcbe5dc8e110ec)

  • [fix] Fix the “invalid login” when we haven't tried to log in. 142
  • [fix] Don't display the memory limit warning if PHP wasn't built with memory limits enabled. 141
  • [fix] The installer was checking for $install_enabled before config files were loaded. 140

2.33-rc2 (November 26, 2006)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM fff837c4e2bac948d95342accff1d41c0e4874ab)

  • [fix] User was unable to log out. 139
  • [fix] Bulk update should not default to “All Folders.” 137
  • [misc] HTML Validation improvements. 64
  • [misc] Add a robots.txt that excludes image.display.php

2.33-rc1 (November 26, 2006)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM ce968d8cac57079042518327beefca1b97064e28)

  • [security] User permissions or ownerships weren't checked on many operations. 113
  • [security] PO vulnerable to SQL injection attacks on many operations.
  • [add] Display thumbnails on next/previous image links. 36
  • [add] XML file now can include hour:min:sec in the timestamps.
  • [add] Allow for private locations now. If a location is not marked private, all users can use it, but only the owner can modify it. 77
  • [add] Allow free-form database connection strings. This allows things like SSL and local UNIX sockets. 105
  • [add] ExifTool can extract preview images from some RAW types. This can be used in lieu of dcraw when working with RAW images. 23
  • [add] Allow admin users to search across all users' photos.
  • [add] Move keyword data into its own table. Bulk update now takes lists of keywords to add and clear, instead of a wholesale set. 104
  • [add] Store full IPTC/EXIF dumps in database using a generic format.
  • [add] Internal Exifer code is now deprecated. Please use ExifTool.
  • [add] Additional focal lengths (65,95,100,115,125,130,140,145)
  • [fix] Display proper image dimensions on the photo version pages. 128
  • [fix] Complain loudly if default admin user has not changed the initial password. 127
  • [fix] Bulk update failing when updating copyright statements. 112
  • [fix] Default index page should call site_prolog(). 107
  • [fix] Bug preventing account creation. 108
  • [fix] ExifTool EXIF import code wasn't properly handling colorspaces and embedded ICC profiles.
  • [fix] Include a proper Content-Length header when downloading an image.
  • [fix] Exports now deal with large files sanely.
  • [fix] Eliminated an accidental (partial) backport of the new spool code. 109
  • [misc] Consolidated many of the profile pages to use common code.
  • [misc] Added a “report a bug” link to the tools page.
  • [misc] Centralized the session lookup/userid fetch code.
  • [misc] Return a proper 404 code when the requested album/folder does not exist. 110
  • [misc] Return proper error codes (eg 404 Not Found or 403 Forbidden) on failure to download, export, or print an image.
  • [misc] Cleaned up a lot of the generated HTML. 64
  • [misc] Turn off the 'display_errors' option if it's enabled.
  • [misc] Explicitly set a default logging level (All but NOTICEs)

2.32b (October 19, 2006)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 33132c4d401378874d68f64aa0fd208ee24be97f)

  • Installer wasn't creating initial repository directories properly. 106

2.32a (October 12, 2006)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM e9ed9590e7b1328835d3521cb9f92999fe051b52)

  • Fix an installation error when using Postgres 8.1
  • Create the archive directory before we create the initial database

2.32 (September 25, 2006)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM bf4f8249bf8a07738babd1c1a554810168b55c8d)

  • Don't display trash and orphanage folders if they're empty
  • Don't let EXIF data overwrite XML-specified image titles 90
  • We were inadvertantly striping the time (HH:MM) off of images when editing them 91
  • If we fail to copy an image to the repository, don't try to process it further
  • Eliminate references to jpegtran as it's not used anywhere
  • Support exiftool for the purposes of EXIF extraction 41 23
  • Site configuration is now kept in a separate file, to eliminate the necessity to update the configuration by hand each time we do an upgrade 57
  • Use a numeric type for focal lengths and apertures in the database, so they sort properly
  • Detect Canon CR2 files as RAW images 81
  • Code cleanups in the RAW import code
  • Support dcraw v8.18 and newer 65
  • Allow searching of 'Original File Name' 84
  • Bulk update overhauled; much nicer to use now 5
  • Automagically detect and try to turn off magic_quotes
  • Installer rewritten. It's now web-based, and considerably nicer and much less brittle 62 51 57

2.31b (September 4, 2006)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 0d7e82bac62a15045177f2a4eef58ecade56c91c)

  • Fixed a bug in the installer that prevented new installations from being able to add new folders or albums without modifying the configuration file.

2.31a (June 29, 2006)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 89c61dd5ad30876809c53068f5d4602491e282d9)

  • Fixed a bunch of bugs in the exifer library causing EXIF data to be garbled with some cameras. 78

2.31 (June 29, 2006)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 5c993d17a3e36b5c9d0da1fe6a115d94aa548f83)

  • Fixed an erroneous error display when manually rotating RAW images 74
  • Fixed a typo in admin.user.edit.php 73
  • Stop using predictable filenames for imports and exports 18
  • Sort files/directories, as off the disk there's no guarantee of order 56
  • “Folder” search is now a “Folder/Album” search, and now searches descriptions as well as captions 61
  • Improvements in the EXIF import, especially for Nikon-specific tags 40
  • Cleanups and speedups for general/advanced searching 50
  • Consistently use site_prolog() and site_epilog() to open/close database
  • Fix typos in installer that prevented v2.29→v2.30 database update
  • Bulk import from filesystem (disabled by default due to security implications) 19
  • Bulk import now imports folder hierarchies 4
  • Default sort order is now globally configurable
  • Fix a couple of SQL errors triggered by printing when using PostgreSQL >= 8.0
  • Fix blank output when printing using the “creation date” sort order 63
  • Allow admins to print/export from albums that they don't own
  • Display the location in the tooltip. (or 'Unknown') 28
  • Admin users can directly add users 54
  • Add 'location' to available fields when printing 75
  • Tweak default image sharpening parameters
  • EXIF strings weren't being escaped before database insertion

2.30 (June 3, 2006)

Download GPG Signature (SHA1SUM 7f060fe7a8b445e6aa8661fed6b9f048914f2cba)

  • Fixed a bug where certain image orientations were mis-detected. 72
  • Better handling of import errors.
  • Allow admin users to create other admin users, and other fixes like that. 71
  • Fixed a bug preventing a default search engine type from being displayed. 70
  • Fixed a bug when viewing another user's album list as their client 69
  • Remember offset into albums/folders when performing actions 47
  • Started cleaning up HTML validation errors 64
  • Customizable, site-wide page titles 26
  • Suggest a sane default for copyright and author tags when uploading images. 27
  • Ignore 'thumbs.db' file during imports. 52
  • Updated to work with modern dcraw releases (v8+) 58 20
  • Fixed a bug where 'orientation' and 'colorspace' would get swapped in the database on imports.
  • Added “order added” sort order. 29
  • Abiltiy to use embedded ICC profiles embedded in images. 21
  • Improvements and fixes to the now-unmaintained Exifer library. It now properly handles TIFF and Nikon RAW files.
  • Improved keyword-based searches with quoted strings
  • Improved searching when numerical arguments are specified.
  • Fixed bug involving moving subalbums 53
  • Album hierarchy wasn't showing up on search result pages. Fixed.
  • Eliminated old, dead search code and associated artwork.

2.29.B (Feburary 5, 2006)

Download (SHA1SUM 82e1ec62f3e6a81afdeae082008ec4a0cc7d672a)

  • Install script platformization.
  • Separate ICC Profiles for each camera.
  • Sub Albums.
  • Extended ImageMagick sharpening options.
  • Introduced the Orphanage - to store photos that are no longer needed but referenced in a shop transaction.
  • Fixed the Shop Item Generator to allow the removal of shop items that were referenced in a shop transaction.
  • Some Shop Module bug fixes - including the Download Expiry Date date fix.

Older Releases

2.29.B is the final release published by Balint Kis, reproduced here for continuity's sake. For full change history, see the Photo Organizer documentation, or check it out at the original Photo Organizer site.

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