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 And via gitweb at: And via gitweb at:
-  http://​​git/gitweb.cgi?​p=po.git;a=summary+  http://​​cgit/po.git/
-The '​master'​ branch is equivalent to the old "​stable"​ branch; ​all releases are cut from this tree.  All actual ​development ​is done on branches The equivalent to the old "​trunk"​ is the new 'devel' branch.  This repository has limited historical data for releases prior to 2.36.  A second repository was created from the old subversion tree that contains all historical data from v2.29 onwards. +The '​master'​ branch is where all development ​occurs  ​The 'stable' branch is where patches against ​the most stable ​branch land.
- +
-  git://​​po-from-svn-archive.git +
- +
-While a full introduction to git is beyond ​the scope of this document, to check out the latest -stable code, run this command: +
- +
-  git clone git://​​po.git po-stable +
- +
-Afterwards, running 'git pull' will fetch the latest upstream changes to -stable.+
 == Mailing Lists == == Mailing Lists ==
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