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 And via gitweb at: And via gitweb at:
-The 'master' branch is equivalent to the old "stable" branch; all releases are cut from this tree.  All actual development is done on branches The equivalent to the old "trunk" is the new 'devel' branch.  This repository has limited historical data for releases prior to 2.36.  A second repository was created from the old subversion tree that contains all historical data from v2.29 onwards. +The 'master' branch is where all development occurs  The 'stable' branch is where patches against the most stable branch land.
- +
-  git:// +
- +
-While a full introduction to git is beyond the scope of this document, to check out the latest -stable code, run this command: +
- +
-  git clone git:// po-stable +
- +
-Afterwards, running 'git pull' will fetch the latest upstream changes to -stable.+
 == Mailing Lists == == Mailing Lists ==
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