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Development Resources

Bug Tracker and feature requests

To report bugs or request features, see:


The Photo Organizer web site is a wiki, allowing anyone with an account to make changes. Anyone with a bugtracker account has wiki permissions; just sign in with the same username/password.

Development Plans and Changelog

Current development plans can be found at the Development Plans page. This page also lists changes not present in the -stable tree.

Source Code

Photo Organizer's current development code is always available via git at:


And via gitweb at:

The 'master' branch is where all development occurs. The 'stable' branch is where patches against the most stable branch land.

Mailing Lists

To subscribe to or view the mailing list archives, see:

Subscribing to the Photo Organizer project page on will not only tell you about new releases, but will also help the developers gauge ongoing interest.

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