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This site is pretty spartan. This will probably never change.


At its most basic level, Photo Organizer is (yet another) a multiuser web-based photo gallery engine. It differentiates itself by focusing on asset management, aiming at the needs of professional photographers rather than the more typical “I need to share some images on the web and blog about it” crowd. It does not make the assumption that just because you have an image, you want to share it with someone. It combines “we'd like to show people some photos” with “we have a lot of photos we just store and annotate.”

To that end, Photo Organizer is highly scalable, capable of handling hundreds of thousands of images with ease. Coupled with robust importing, exporting, searching, tagging, and printing capabilities, it is intended to act as a photographer's primary image repository.

Photo Organizer is Free Software licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL)


The current stable release is 2.37.1 GPG Signature The current testing release is 2.37.1 GPG Signature

For release notes and previous releases, see Stable Changelog.

Contact the Maintainer

Originally written by Balint Kis, Photo Organizer is now under a new maintainer, Solomon Peachy.

If you find Photo Organizer useful, please consider sending the developers a postcard from your corner of the planet. Or, if you're feeling generous, there's always the link below. :)

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